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What do Ballet and Pitbulls have in Common

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It’s undisputable that dance is a form of art. Movement, rhythm, flow and athletic ability are celebrated as artistic expressions and span time, culture and continents. Dance is a common theme throughout history and humanity.

Unlike my free spirited, free style ‘grooving and moving to the beat of my own drum’ dance moves, professional dancers are refined talent, strict discipline and unwavering focus. They push their bodies hard. They are intensely focused on constant improvement. Often that dedication to perfection is misunderstood as detachment like an aloof, poised ballerina.

I recently discovered a husband and wife photographer team that set out on a mission to change the impression that dancers are all stiff and serious. Bow! Wow! Wow! – did they succeed!

Kelly and Ian, aka Pratt Kreidich Photography, acted on a wildly random idea in early 2017 and launched the project “Dancers & Dogs”.  The couple works primarily with professional dancers, starting with the Saint Louis Ballet.

Kelly explains “Ballet is often seen as stuffy or unapproachable, and we feel like this project helps people see the lighter side of dancers.  We have learned a lot during this process.  We were not animal photographers when we started out!   But along the way we have learned how to work on a dog's level, how to get dogs to do certain actions, what kind of dogs are even right for this project.”

Initially, their goal was to photograph 100 Dancers and 100 Dogs! But, when you see the images and personalities they captured already, I am sure you’ll agree that they should keep “snapping” and spread this joy a lot farther!

If you are part of the Squatch Girl tribe already, you know that sharing #ART – in all its glorious forms – is our mission and that we also love #DOGS. 

And if #Dogs&Dancers isn’t enough to love for just the joy of the concept; this project also brings attention to another of Squatch Girls’ passions; animal welfare and pet rescues.

I hope that you enjoyed the photos submitted to our recent contest “Why I Love My Rescue”, featuring artist Favio Ulises Ramos’ original’ “Pitunia”, the Pitbull made of flowers! Check out Instagram @squatchgirlofficial

Share the beautiful images at and Instagram @dancersanddogs with your BFF - #BestFurryFriend and let us know what dance style you choreograph together. Looking forward to seeing your “moves”!

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