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What Cocktail would you Order on Mars?

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Imagine sitting on a barstool at your favorite space club on Mars.

What would you order to drink?

Imagine inviting your gal pals out for the evening of Vitamin G, sharing interplanetary jokes and fashion trends, and sipping on your favorite libations while the two moons of Mars rise over the planet.

Totally redefines a #MarsBar!  Doesn’t it?

There is a cute yet thought stirring (stirred not shaken!) article today in my Robb Report newsletter subscription that was penned recently by writer Dan Dunn. 

Dan writes “amidst all the controversy, the President has put forth at least one idea that has been met with near universal approval: A United States Space Force. “

The author then interviews a variety of Earthly mixologists about what they’d include in their space libation luggage allowance. (I’m assuming TSA liquids and gels rules don’t apply in this circumstance).

I applaud some of these bartenders’ choices, but my list would include Bombay Sapphire Gin – the one and only! and perfect to sip under Mars’ blue moons!

Also, a must have on my list would be Angels’ Envy Bourbon. I’m betting Mars’ atmosphere will produce the perfect crystal-clear ice balls for my favorite whiskey glass.

Finally, I must take along a fine single malt scotch. I choose Canada’s Glen Breton Rare because it’s truly out of this world!

For more about the perfect cocktails on Mars, pour yourself one and read on:

Drinking on Mars: The Spirits Bartenders Would Take to Space:

Cheers from Isabel & Lee!

Save travels and send us a postcard with your favorite Mars cocktail recipes – or just share them on social media and tag @SquatchGirlOfficial

PS – If you are going to Mars, be sure to pack your Squatch Girl original art tees and tanks. #StandOut in outer space:

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