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The Diversity and Creativity Connection

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I was recently listening to an episode of the @HiddenBrain podcast called the Edge Effect.  This episode explored the connection between diversity and creativity.  It explored how exposing ourselves to new ideas, people, perspectives, etc leads to increased creativity and that greater creativity leads to better results.  What it also pointed out is that by nature, we humans tend to group and connect with those who are most like us.  That without a concerted effort we will drift to the familiar.  I thought about these two conflicting notions...that while we will naturally surround ourselves with the familiar, we benefit from seeking out the unfamiliar.  When we choose to expose ourselves to new ideas, perspectives, cultures we are giving ourselves an edge.  We open up new possibilities and create new opportunities.  When we live on autopilot we do what we know, so to bring diversity into our lives we must seek and choose the unfamiliar.  I think the arts are a beautiful way to choose the unfamiliar. We can choose to stop and take in the wall mural that we typically would pass by.  We can choose to listen to the song that we normally would skip.  We can go to a poetry slam and listen without judgement.  It is humbling to realize that we are not innate seekers of the new, that we default to the known.  But it is also empowering to know that we have the power to live a life of creativity and appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer.   

Please listen to the podcast and let us know what you think about the connection of diversity and creativity.

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