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Princess Bashing

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As a child, I escaped inside many a story of princesses imprisoned and mistreated, orphaned heirs and often sequestered in service as maids and concubines.

The magnitude of their challenges, injustices and villains distracted me from my own monsters.

Their courage and bravery validated my belief that if I stayed true to my own values that wrongs would, eventually, be made right. These role models comforted me through sad times in my childhood and inspired me to lift my chin and push forward to rule my own truth.

I held tight to the dream that if the Rapunsels, Cinderellas and Sheherazades of the stories could endure, overcome and ultimately triumph, then surely, I would too!

A true princess was a symbol of grace, strength and compassion. She was kind to all creatures, great and small. She was also wise and perceptive enough to navigate politics, treachery and often, an evil step-mother.

Misbranded as the damsel in distress, she fought and won battles, overcame gossip and prejudice and galloped on her steed, side-saddle! She tamed dragons and ogres and did all this in a corset and flowing gown. She was a diplomat, a nurturer of kingdoms and clansmen, and frequently, used as a pawn for political power.

Recently, a new princess emerged; Meghan Markel, now the Duchess of Sussex and radiant bride of Prince Harry, the ‘Ginger’ and son of another storybook princess; Diana. Very sadly, for all, Diana’s story did not have a happy ending.

Volumes have been written about why princesses are still relevant and important in our culture. And volumes more have been written about what is misunderstood about them and their value in modern society. Perhaps, it is because I was born and raised in Canada that I am more open to the positive impact that the new generation of #Royals can have on social issues.

Heroines, role models and inspiring change agents can and do wear tiaras and live in castles. They can influence and be a voice that is heard around the world.

It is reported that more than 29 million Americans watched the #royalwedding. Overwhelmingly public sentiment, in fact global sentiment, was highly supportive, even joyful about the increased diversity of the UK’s royal family.

Most people embraced the blend of old with new traditions, the inclusiveness and warmth of younger generations and styles. Most bystanders approved of the wedding ceremony, “THE dress” and the obvious #PDA – public display of affection between Harry and Meghan. True love’s kiss has saved more than one prince or princess!

However, there’s always a few trolls lurking under the draw bridge! I was stunned to read the social media commentary of a few small minded ‘Princess Bashers’. The fact that these individuals were women makes the situation even darker.

The commentary was about Meghan’s dress – it was too plain, Meghan’s face – not enough “princess make-up”, Meghan’s hair – too casual and wispy (one snide comment was “Surely, she could have got an appointment with the royal hair dresser!”), Meghan’s eyebrows were uneven, her tiara didn’t sparkle enough, and so on and so on.

REALLY! – is that how we show the world how to treat us?  By disrespecting each other!?

Is this the example of sisterhood, support and collaboration that you want to leave with our daughters, grand-daughters and nieces?

That gossiping, judging and shaming is justified for entertainment purposes?

That criticizing and making fun of people in the spotlight has purpose and value?

I would give my kingdom for a world where we celebrate the uniqueness, beauty and diversity of all who #StandOut!

Wishing you Happily Ever After!

Royally yours,

Squatch Girl

We’d like to hear your comments on how people in the public eye are scrutinized and judged.

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