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How to organize great girlfriends' vacation and not break the bank!

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Hey Squatch Girls!

I am blessed to have many long-term, deeply connected and shared-values friendships. Among the most treasured of these relationships are those with my BFFs. Like Vitamin G – (G for girlfriend!) these friendships keep me happy, healthy and inspired to always ‘Up My Game’!

No spring tonic is better than planning and executing a #GirlGang Getaway! Just deciding where to go and what to do is a blast!

I have successfully organized many, many #GirlGangGetaways! I love the challenge of putting together an interesting and fun itinerary that pleases varied personalities and is affordable enough to do more than once in a long while!

I am happy to share a few of my tested tips for great travel and adventure that won’t break the bank!

My first rule is if you are invited to join my posse and travel along on this adventure, you must swear to uphold a pledge of “Get Away & Get Along”. Of course, you’ll want to make your own rules for your gang but here’s some of mine:

  • No Whining. No Bitching. No Telling (except for the things that we ALL want to share).
  • Set your mindset for a positive experience and “Memories Made & Shared”. Nobody likes to travel with Debbie Downer or Princess High Maintenance.
  • Respect the organizers’ time. It takes a LOT of effort to find the perfect getaway spot and coordinate everything. Sometimes things don’t work out as expected. Just smile and make the best of it!
  • Know the budget, agree to the budget and pay your share promptly.
  • Share what you brought. Surprises and treats add to the fun.
  • Be ready. Be on time. Be nice.
  • Don’t hog the bathroom or the hangers.
  • Allow everyone some personal “space” each day and respect the majority rule when decisions need to be made.

 I have so many great memories of trips with girlfriends! They are all so diverse. Some included stays on cruise ships, rented houses (hoorah for VRBO and Airbnb!), cabins in the woods, cottages on lakes and all-inclusive resorts on tropical beaches.

I’ve had the thrill of experiencing spas in foreign countries and hands-on cooking classes in olive vineyards in Tuscany. I’ve even had awesome “staycations” in the city with hired limousines and hotel adjoining rooms. I have hot air ballooned at sunrise and dressed in costume with girlfriends for a weekend long, grown-up version of Trick or Treat in a vibrant, party city.

Some of my favorite memories relate to stretching our language skills and taste buds. And who wouldn’t enjoy wine tasting and ‘foodie’ adventures!

Concerts, museums, historical locales, cultural immersion are all more fun, exciting and memorable when you travel with your “peeps”.

By pooling resources, sharing accommodations and using imagination, you can plan forward to leverage “points”, rewards and discounts AND free up budget for shopping, splurging or another trip!

For more inspiration, try trolling Groupon Getaways and Airbnb Experiences. And join the Squatch Girl tribe and stay tuned for more #GirlGang ideas, tips and adventures!

See you out there!

PS: Travel friendly and be on the lookout for Squatch Girl sightings!

We’d love it if you share your stories about travel and friendship. We’ll be watching Instagram and FB for pics of you and your gang in your Squatch Girl Ts!

Click here to download the Free eBook: The best ever girl gang vacation checklist - What should you pack? to be ready for adventure, friends and fun.

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