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Girl Gang Getaways; Who Let the Dogs Out? We did and We’re Going Places!

dog lover t shirts

Hey Squatch Girls!

Who let the dogs out! – We did, and you should too!

Let’s get out on the trails, over the hills, across the pond and around the world with our BFFs! - our Best Furry Friends and beloved Forever Four-legged Friends!

Sometimes a girl just needs to be with her dog, her one and only, love ya’ forever, no matter what friend!

I love going on road trips with my pooch pal! I call them our “Magical Mystery Tours”. Sometimes these ‘MMT’’s are well planned out itineraries and other times, it is total spontaneity -  the kind of planning that’s “I feel a weekend coming on!”

Never ever did my BFF with paws say – ‘Na, I don’t want to go have fun with you’ or ‘Oh let me check my calendar and text you later’ or ‘I have to wash my hair’. Never! It’s always – Butt Wiggling, Tail Wagging, I call shot gun and nose prints on the window enthusiasm to go anywhere and everywhere with me!

It’s pure joy to know you can throw a duffel bag in the car, grab some snacks and treats - for both of us – of course! and head in the general direction of adventure! Armed with a full tank of gas, cool ‘sunnies’, a debit card and charger for my phone, we’re off! Woof!

My cool nosed, warm hearted confidante and I have traveled many highways and byways together. Sometimes, we get lost on purpose just to defy that “got to have it all under control’ societal attitude.

Thanks to my cell phone, I can book a place to lay our heads down faster than you can say “Squirrel!”  And I know that I can count on my traveling companion to curl up beside me after a full day of exploring and discovering new treasurers. (Okay, so now you know how Squatch Girl finds some of those great artisans that we feature in our store).

Traveling with your BFF with paws means freedom to drive in the moonlight or linger by a stream. It means always getting to decide the playlist and knowing that make-up is optional. My buddy lets me sink into reflective silence as the miles melt away, chatter at him like a magpie, sharing my deepest secrets and frustrations, or singing (think – howling 😊) at the top of my lungs to Pink’s anthem “So What”

It was exactly one of these Magical Mystery Tours that inspired our Squatch Girl tee shirt called Girl’s Best Friend. And it is perfect to slip on over a tank and some leggings and slide into the driver’s seat next to your BFF.

 See you out there!

Travel friendly and as somebody said: Bark Less, Wag More!

PS – while you roadies are out there making memories and having fun – don’t forget to snap some pics and selfies and share them with us on Instagram and Facebook! We love to see the cool places that our wearable art travels with you.

You may just inspire other Squatch Girls and their Best Furry Friends to have the best trips of their lives!

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