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Art Heals

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I was fortunate to recently listen to a TED Talk by Malika Whitley and to say I was moved is an understatement.  In her Ted Talk, Malika shares her story of experiencing teen homelessness and how the arts helped save her.  As she says from the Ted stage,

 “But when I had nothing else, I had the arts, something that didn't demand material wealth from me in exchange for refuge. A few hours of singing, writing poetry or saving up enough money to disappear into another world at a play kept me going and jolting me back to life when I felt at my lowest.” 

Malika took her passion and launched ChopArt (@heychopart). ChopArt provides empowerment for youth in homeless situations to express themselves creatively and develop sustainable values through art exploration.  At Squatch Girl we believe in the power of art to heal and transform and to bring beauty into each of our lives.  We believe everyone deserves to have beauty in their life. 

We invite you to listen Malika’s story and if you are moved please make a donation to ChopArt on their FaceBook page @heychopart

Listen to her story HERE.



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