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Are Best Friends Really Forever?

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BFF – Best Friends Forever; a commonly used abbreviation today, in text and spoken communication.

BFF - Overused and devalued by the casual suggestion that everyone wants to and is capable of being a best friend forever.

I am extremely grateful for a life well lived and friends well loved. True friendships, not just superficial acquaintances or socially convenient relationships are among my most valued treasures in life.

Almost all my true friendships have lasted longer than various careers and marriages. These friendships have certainly outlived hair colors and styles, eyeglass fashion, and addresses.

My BFFs have celebrated me and comforted me through life’s ups and downs.

BFFs never judge, are never jealous, and never take advantage.

My BFFs have the guts to tell me when I am wrong, fight for me like a warrior if I am wronged by others, and fight with me when I am being a bitch and need an attitude adjustment for my own wellbeing!

BFFs see the best in you – even before you can visualize it yourself. They are loyal, honest and can make you laugh sauvignon blanc right out of your nostrils!

BFFs will give you their last dollar and loan you their best little black dress. They will drop EVERYTHING when you need them and be there – 100% every time, every time zone.

BFFs do not keep score, NEVER betray confidences and never, never allow you to wallow in self-pity – for long - and then show up with two spoons and a tub of ice cream!

BFFs pick you up, straighten your tiara and tell you to put your ‘Big Girl’ panties on and go conquer the world!

These irreplaceable sisters of the heart, crime fighting cohorts, take your secrets to the grave confidantes are the purest, rarest treasures on earth.

If you have them; protect them, nurture them, thank them! If you don’t have them then cultivate them! I guarantee there will be many, many times in life that you need them.

BFFs – the real kind – not the superficial while mutually convenient friends, but the truly, always, even if we don’t talk or see each other for extended periods, “I got your back Sister!’ kind of unconditional love, Best Friend Forever is a rare and priceless gem.

As I write, I am thinking of my true BFFs. Some close, some far and some who live among the stars now.

How joyous I feel as wrap myself in the memories of the good times we shared. I recall vividly the music of our laughter together, the warmth of your hugs and cuddles when I needed them and the butterflies in my stomach as you challenged and supported me to step fully into my own power.

Oh! the adventures we shared, the tears we shed – both of joy and sorrow, and the heads we turned!

We danced and sang and drank deeply from the well of life (and #wine – lots of wine!!!)

And – we are not done yet! At least not all of us.

I’ve come to accept that some friendships will ebb and flow and some reach a peak and fade away. Sadly, some friends leave this earth and others, who we thought were forever friends . . . leave us behind for different reasons.

I’ll paraphrase a quote ‘Some people come into your life for a reason; others for a season; and a very precious stay for a lifetime.’

If you are my BFF now, have two legs or four legs, or you just stopped temporarily in my life, you’ve had an impact and I thank you for the experience and knowledge you left with me.

I am on a journey to become my own very best friend and love myself the way a BFF should!


Wishing you abundant & true friendships,


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  • Hanne on

    Oh this is so beautifully written and speaks from the heart. I love you BFF. You are so special to me in so many ways! xo

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