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Guest Blog: A Writer’s Vision of Women’s Empowerment

women empowerment

Squatch Girl is happy and proud to share the poetry of Alana Helapitage.  We recently attended a wonderful event that is about creating a safe space for women to share, inspire, love, and respect ourselves and each other.  Alana’s beautiful poem opened the evening and we immediately knew we needed to share her words without tribe.  Enjoy…

Alana Helapitage: Writer, Message Consultant, and Founder of A Shared Path, LLC

When I was 11 years old, my sixth grade English teacher told me I had a gift for words. It was then that I decided to forge my soul’s purpose from that gift. Nourished by a background in Education, Language Arts, and Child and Family Development—I’ve spent more than a decade using the written and spoken word to promote healing and thriving in my community. Today, I’m the proud founder of A Shared Path, LLC, a company dedicated to helping soul-centered entrepreneurs realize their true message.

Empowering women to heal and thrive on their own terms is one of my driving passions. Below is an original poem on women’s empowerment that I read at the #SelfMadeSuccessfulWomen Panel’s One Year Anniversary on June 1st.

May We Blaze

May we open our hands to the women nurture us,
Until we feel their tenderness in our own fingertips.

May we caress each curve, scar, and tear we own—
And breathe forgiveness into every inch of our skin.

May we look into the eyes of the women who inspire us,
Until we see their faith in us beam like the steady light of the moon.
By this faith, may we take a stand for who we are—

No matter how many times we’ve fallen to our knees.

May we rise face to face with the women who heal us,
Until we claim the power buried in the places we’ve neglected,
Walking with heads held high through our shadows.

May we kiss the hands of the women who guide us,
And remember that we are our own mothers;
May we love ourselves as though love were our food, water, clothing, and shelte—
Because it is.

May we bow our heads to our own hearts,
Until we know the touch,
And taste,
Of the love that ignites
From the soles of our feet to the crowns of our heads.

May we blaze as the fire that we are.

I’m blessed to share my vision of women’s empowerment with Squatch Girl through this poem! If it resonated and you’d like to connect with me and my work, reach out on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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