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6 Strategies to Fall in Love Again (with your t-shirt)

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Hey Squatch Girls!

Tee Shirt, T-shirt, Tee, T, my second skin – whatever you call your faithful friend, versatile, ready to go ‘whenever and wherever’ wardrobe staple -  we say “Make a Statement” while wearing your T!

If it’s your old college tee, a masterpiece of wearable art or a brand new, fashion forward shirt – we’ve got some great tips on how to re-energize that tee and give it new dimension, purpose and “pair-ability”.

Go from yoga, to office, to happy hour, to date night. (Heck – even sleep in ‘em!) Lightning pack a weekender bag with a couple of basics and confidently create new possibilities – day and night! You’ll get those “WOW” looks from your #GirlGang as you effortlessly transform outfits with the flick of a T!

Get started with some of Squatch Girl’s original art designs or grab some old friends from your closet and try these tips:

  1. Casual Fridays: ditch the traditional jeans for relaxed dressing at the office. Instead, team up a graphic tee with flared denim or pants in contrasting colors and energize the environment. Layer with a shrug, vest or solid colored jacket for individual style and more pizzazz!  For a different effect, wear a t-shirt in muted colors and minimal print with wild and bold print pants or capris.
  2. Leather: for a casual outing, pair your favorite t-shirt with skinny denim or leggings and a tailored, fitted leather jacket and boots. Bam! If the leather is plain, go for t-shirts with bold graphics or wearable, original art from a Squatch Girl collection. You could also team a tank or muscle tee with a short, fitted leather skirt and heels for a dinner date.
  3. Accessorize: wear a layered bead necklace to add texture and dimension to t-shirts or mix metals and beads and/or 2 or 3 different chains instead of a single necklace. Explore resale shops or raid mom or gran’s jewelry box for a statement piece, vintage brooch. Create your own feel-good atmosphere with aromatherapy bracelets and earrings from Squatch Girls Stand Out jewelry collection. My favorite is the “Be Positive” Citrine bracelet scented with citrus essential oils. Create your own custom essential oils blend to support your mindset for the day.
  4. Skirts: team a short solid t-shirt with a maxi skirt for a bohemian look or knot your t-shirt in the front over a pencil skirt for a little drama. Want to wear a floral skirt but afraid it’s too ‘girly’?  - pair a t-shirt over a blouse for that “I got this” look. For a night out on the town, team your favorite statement tee with a body-con skirt, stilettos or peep-toe shoes, and a stylish clutch.
  5. Scarf: create a style statement when you drape a scarf over a t-shirt and pair it with a plain black leather skirt or favorite shorts or jeans. Experiment with different ways of knotting the scarf for maximum effect and personalized style. For totally hands-free, fashion meets function, make Squatch Girl’s Infinity Scarf part of your wardrobe.
  6. Tucked-in: Normal is boring!  Asymmetric, irregular and indifference are provocative and attention-grabbing!   Whether you’re wearing a mini, maxi, jeans or yoga pants, partially tucked t-shirts provoke that “let them guess!” mystery. Be unpredictable, be bold, be different. And speaking of “tucked in” – like I said, nothing is more reassuring than falling asleep cocooned in your favorite T!

Use some or all our tips and ideas and fall in love with your old tees all over again! Then, check out your new loves on and wear your inner beauty for all the world to see!

PS – while you Tee-Rexies are out there making memories and having fun – don’t forget to snap some pics and selfies and share them with us on Instagram and Facebook! We love to see how you fall in love with your tees and how you wear them!

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