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5 Ways to Party On Earth Day

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Perhaps it’s the country girl in me; I was raised on a farm in central Canada and grew up having abundant clean air, clean water, and beautiful trees. I ate “organic” from the garden before it was “in”. We reused everything! Clothes, jars, gift wrap, everything was recycled and upcycled through generations. From my grandmother’s lips: “Waste not, Want Not”

Perhaps it is the many joyous childhood memories; I traveled the universe while lying on my back in the green grass, riding unsoiled clouds across the sky, and by night, I soared on the wings of the milky way. The words ‘pollution’ and ‘toxic’ were not in my consciousness, and barely in my vocabulary.

Perhaps it is a profound respect for Mother Earth, her generosity to us and her power to remind us that she is THE Force of Nature: Farmers understand this, and they know they must honor her or most certainly, suffer the consequences.

And perhaps it is my relentless, positive belief that we are in control of our destinies and we always have a choice; We have a choice to change course, change our behaviors and change the future.

It is my choice to be more conscious the consequences of my actions.  I’ve numbed myself into some habits that are wasteful, expensive and, to Mother Earth, destructive.

I can make a difference and I can influence others positively.

Why not? 

Why not me?

Why not you?

Why not us? Together. A tribe. A force for good.


If each of us makes incremental changes, make ripples in our circles of influence, and we are consistent and insistent, soon, we have waves of change in communities, countries, and continents.

John Wooden said “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” So, this year, on the internationally celebrated #EarthDay, and then for days and decades beyond, here are some starter ideas for the best gifts that you can give your mother; Mother Earth:

  1.  Gather your #GirlGang and have a fashion #Upcycle party! Everyone has ignored treasures in their closet that someone else may fall in love with!  Noteworthy – “Labels are for clothes not people!”  
  2. Don’t be a SUCKER! Home, work, #foodtruck, bistro or bar: Just say NO Thanks! to plastic straws, wrapped straws and pucker lines! Educate your favorite beverage barista on how to show love to Mother Earth!   Learn more about One Less Straw Campaign.
  3. #Screen-Free meals are popular menu talk these days. Put away the electronics, connect “IRL” (In Real Time) not through URLs. Upgrade to reusable napkins and #SustainableFamily practices and #TableTopics Check out the
  4. Host a “Clean up your Act” social.  Gather your ‘peeps’ and make a difference with a local clean-up or beautification project. Then toast your good work with beverages served in glassware made from recycled wine bottles. No plastic cups or straws! #Cheers ! Don’t go #Solo, drink with #girlfriends
  5. Show a little love! Buy reusable water bottles for your #besties and keep them free from plastic harm.  And while we’re talking hydration – don’t you think your wine or craft brew deserves a little love too! (see #4 😊)

Just saying . . .

Best friends and family aren’t disposable. Don’t serve them plastic!

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